I have happily and conscientiously served as Marionville's Mayor for approximately 10 years.  I was first elected Mayor in 2004.  Prior to being elected Mayor, I had served as Alderman of Ward I for 7 years.

My parents, Henry and Clara Soutee, came to Marionville in 1927 from Taneyville, MO.  I now understand my mother's love for her little hometown of Taneyville that she spoke of often.  Marionville is my special hometown.  Even though I traveled much while my husband served in the U.S. Navy and often worked away from home, Marionville was always in my heart.  I attended school in Marionville, and can remember when the school band performed on the city square during summer evenings, the soda shoppe was open and the Trailways bus came to the local restaurant to pick up passengers.

I love Marionville's rich history; from its' founding by James Marion Moore, to the coming of the railroad, the churches established and the MCI College begun in 1870, now the Ozark Methodist Manor.  All these, plus the special people of Marionville through the years, provide Marionville with a unique and rich heritage.  We have an even brighter future as we all work together to make Marionville, our home town, the very best it can be.

Doris Rapp, Mayor