Marionville and Aurora Police Departments Facebook page

Welcome to the City of Marionville's Police Department Webpage.  The City of Marionville and City of Aurora have an ongoing partnership to provide police services to both Aurora and Marionville.  The police department is often referred to as AMPD, or Aurora-Marionville Police Department.  With staffing from both cities, the Police Department is made up of 24 commissioned police officers, 3 full time Public Service Officers, 1 full time Administrative Assistant, 2 full time Animal Control Officers, a Municipal Court Bailiff that serves both cities, and a part time records clerk.

Among the commissioned ranks, we have a patrol division made up of patrolmen, corporals, sergeants, and a patrol commander who reports to the Chief of Police.  The patrol provides 24 hour a day police services to Aurora and Marionville. They respond to calls for service, conduct traffic enforcement, and investigate crimes as their primary responsibilities.  The two full time Animal Control Officers report to this captain and provide services to the City of Aurora.

We also have an investigations unit made up of detectives, our school resource officers, and a commander who reports to the Chief of Police.  This unit provides investigative services to both cities as well as provides two full time school resource officers to the Aurora R-8 school district.  The part time records clerk also reports to the captain of this unit.

The administrative captain on the police department oversees the Public Service Officers, the Municipal Jail, Facility Maintenance, and Fleet management.

At AMPD, we are committed to providing effective and efficient law enforcement services to our communities. The expectation is that we provide these services in a respectful, courteous, and professional way.  Our Goal is to reduce crime in Aurora and Marionville. We will work to achieve that goal through proactive law enforcement activities, thorough follow-up and investigation of reported crimes, and a robust and effective intelligence gathering process.  We are also committed to working closely with outside agencies to achieve our goals of crime reduction.  By working with local agencies and drug task forces, we will increase our effectiveness in crime control.

The Aurora Police Department is located at 106 S. Elliott in Aurora, Missouri.  The Marionville Police Department is located at 800 S. Western in Marionville, Missouri.  Both police departments can be reached at 417-678-5025.  If that number is not answered, it will forward to the Monett 911 Dispatch Center and you can request services from there.  As always, if you have an emergency, please dial 911 for the fastest service.

Chief Wes Coatney