Pic_7Marionville, "The Land of Seven Springs" was founded in 1854 by James Marion Moore. Early settlers came, camped and established homes due to the abundance of clear, fresh water provided by the springs in the area.

In the area that is now the City park; a creamery was established in 1911. It was rated second in the state, producing 38,529 pounds of butter in 1913. Sometime shortly after the creamery, the Honey Creek Bottling Works, a soft drink company, established business in the park east of the creek.

Following those businesses a tomato canning factory was located where the present pavilion is located in the park. The canning factory closed and in 1963, the Marionville Lions Club bought the property for back taxes. Through the efforts of several residents and the Marionville Lions Club, the land was purchased and a park was born.

Visitors come to Marionville in hopes of catching a glimpse of our white squirrels. The totally white creatures roam the yards and are protected by City law. The squirrels have been here, reportedly since the late 1800's.

Pictures of the squirrels have graced the inside of the 1915 Marionville College Yearbook and they have received national recognition in newspapers and televised documentaries.

In 1938 the abundance of apple orchards in the area earned Marionville the title, "Apple Capitol of Missouri." Visitors come to buy apples, attend the apple festival, "Applefest" and enjoy the towering oak trees and Victorian architecture of some of the early homes.